Become more self aware

Our August self awareness challenge is happening now!

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How current members describe Quoka

Happy Girl Texting

A safe place to ask for help. I really liked the March challenge.

man texting

The most definite value add to your day. The challenges are great!

Comfort blanket as a text. Everyday I look forward to the messages.


Get all the benefits of social media without the:

spam, endless distractions, violation of privacy, or app to download.

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With QUOKA You

Anonymously Chat with Your Peers

Ask questions anonymously and never risk feeling stupid or being judged. All messages are reviewed prior and spam is eliminated from your feed!

Learn Mental Strength Techniques

Mental health, mental strength, and mental wealth looks different for everyone. You will learn tools to have in your toolbox for when challenges arise.

Measure Your Mental Health

Social media makes it seem like everyone is doing amazing. The reality is that you are likely feeling just as well as your peers. We measure your score and tell you how you compare to others.


Mental Wellbeing is private and complex.

Quoka is anonymous peer to peer messaging.

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Give and Get Support

Studies have shown that acts of giving are linked to increased mental health and wellness for all involved. When you give, it makes you feel good

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Why Quoka?

Let's look at some of the alternatives...

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If you're a veteran or suffering from depression, contact us. You may qualify for a free membership.


Quoka was founded on the values of:



Finding new ways to use existing technology, to support humanity and challenge the status quo.

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Gratitude &



People First

Staying mindful of the little things. They matter.

We believe that everyone has something of value to contribute to the global perspective.

Recognizing that working together and connecting with others are some of the greatest strengths we have.

Designing from a people first perspective. Meeting people where they are.

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Humans Anonymous*

Get weekly reminders for the founders call, where you can vent, share, or just listen.



Use code QUOKA to save 20% and start dramatically raising the quality of your friendships and relationships. 

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Wellness Wednesday Inspiration straight from Sara Makin. Founder of Makin Wellness.

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Keep In Touch

If you're experiencing an emergency or need immediate help, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.


  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  800-273-8255

  • Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741

  • The Trevor Project is the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ young people