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Become a better parent.

Connect with other parents, share your struggles without the risk of being judged.

Unleash the Power of Family Bonding this Summer!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to make the most of your summer together. Join the Quoka community today and download your free guide to Free Family Activities for a Fun and Healthy Summer!

Being a parent is exhausting.

QUOKA is the anonymous text messaging club for parents. 

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    • Motivational Text Messages
    • Affirmations and Reflections
    • Community Support
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Friends & Family?

Of course, they love you. But do they really understand your challenges?

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Nice to have! But let's be real. It's expensive & time consuming.


Mentors, Advisors & Community?

Require a lot of precious time and mental energy.

QUOKA is like all of the above combined but faster, and easier.
Possibly the greatest fact of all, it's NOT ANOTHER APP.
Plus it's anonymous so you never risk getting judged!

Take control, and get the support you deserve.

Join the community that understands YOU.

Feeling mentally healthy?

GREAT! Join to help others.

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