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I'd like to send this message anonymously to the group.

To the person anxious about tomorrow

Last November 4, 2022, at 8:31 pm EST, a Quoka member wanted to share their story with you.

I'd like to send this message anonymously to the group. This year has been fairly tough (fired CTO, a medical accident that took me off my feet for 3 mths literally, ran out of cash a few times, and my right-hand person quit on me, leading to a 100% turnaround in the team). This week, however, has been the toughest week in a long time. Between working, ur stand-in CTO / advisor to Australia, and our 2 largest clients in Cali and kids, etc, I've literally averaged 4 hrs of sleep every night. At the beginning of the week, a key member of the team, now a Ukrainian refugee, hit a mental wall. I told him to take the week off. Midweek our lead Engineer tried to push something major that had been de-prioritized and totally ignored the stuff that was customer-focused. With a huge deadline looming, it made more sense to fire him than deal with the dysfunction. This morning my wife took herself to ER while I was volunteering at the kids’ school. When I got home, I was so exhausted I literally fell asleep at my desk. I canceled my meetings and decided to clear 3 mths of unopen bills, warrants for tax payments, etc., etc., etc., etc. I remembered we were expecting an invoice payment. It came through. I start my weekend knowing we've gone from the deathbed to 3 mths off the runway. It's the first time I've ever pre-approved 2 months of payroll. To the person anxious about tomorrow, I see you,

To the imposter, I see you,

To the selfless soul, I see you,

To the disrupter, I see you,

To the person that got $hafted and was left holding the can, I see you,

To the one rejected by their investors, I see.

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