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In need of assistance

A quoka member reached out yesterday and asked for some assistance. Here's the full message:

Hello quoka,

I'm in need of some assistance.

Currently I have 2 SaaS products with tier subscriptions for a number of copyright templates integrated with OpenAI's ChatGPT. The sites are both live. The subscription tiers are very general at the moment due to the complexity of token calculation and image generation.

I need some sense of direction. Right now I'm "playing" with GPT and integrating the language model into anything I can think of. I want to build a product people enjoy using. Some of the other projects I have are using GPT into a car OBD scanner for engine performance, web applications, chatbots, virtual reality, and even reading brain waves.

My interests and attention are scattered everywhere. I have a lot of skill and know how, but lack on the job experience. Some tell me I'm in the wrong place, around the wrong people, or ask why I'm waiting on tables. The point is that I know some of the information I have could be useful in the proper hands. I'm desperately searching to find my place.

I also don't know how to market myself and my resume is 👎🏼.

Most tech companies won't hire me without a bachelor's degree.

Any help from the community would be extremely beneficial.


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