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It's a Presentation Not A Pitch

Small Updates and Showing Love

I'm on the organizing committee for 1 Million Cups Miami, a nationwide organization powered by the Kauffman Foundation. It's a place for entrepreneurs and the ecosystem that supports them to connect regularly over cups of coffee.

Note* entrepreneurs that present at 1 Million Cups are not pitching, it is categorized as a presentation, and it's not a platform for selling. Instead, you get feedback from the community on what you are working on, answer questions, and connect with others.

Anyway, it got me thinking that I should present at some chapters! I went ahead and applied and got accepted!

I used Canva to create my presentation deck. They have templates that make it easy to create something professional and consistent with fonts, colors, icons, images, etc. They even have a free version which I highly recommend. Upgrading to the paid is worth it, too, if you create a lot of content.

Since I did my first presentation, I have applied and presented at multiple chapters and am continuing to apply to chapters all over the USA.

I have met many people who want to support QUOKA and have gotten great feedback and inspiration. Synchronously, one of the accelerators that I was looking at I applied to pitch at a chapter, and one of the organizers leads the accelerator. Each chapter is its own ecosystem of support from founders.

Some chapters broadcast your presentation live, and it lives on YouTube or Facebook, which is great for SEO, getting the word out about your product, and you can send it as a link to someone who wants to watch a video about what you're working on.

My presentation gets better each time, and I get more confident talking about QUOKA and the value it provides. I'm getting clearer with my messaging and know that this will pay off when it comes time to PITCH to investors.

Hope all of you are finding your own small wins on this journey. Until next time! besos, M

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