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👩🏽‍💻 New website, who dis?

I finally decided on a domain name 😂

I don’t think I ever shared this fact, but I actually purchased several domains for Quoka because I did not know what I wanted to use. 😂 After overthinking that for over a year, I’ve launched

Like any good founder, I’m extremely hard on myself, and I hate my new website already, but it’s better than what it was, so it’s going live.

🚀 New growth level unlocked

I finally was able to figure out how to take payments with my MVP, and am excited to have figured this out at the same time that Indie Worldwide decided to host their second 100x100 challenge, which was huge for Quoka last year. We will be participating again, and if you’re working on something, you should check it too!

💗 Gathering reviews can you help?

Another frequent comment we got from talking to users and potential users was that the testimonials on our old site felt “fake” because they were anonymous. 😅 I struggled with that for a while because Quoka is, after all, built to protect your privacy and identity. That was until I discovered this cool tool Senja! Senja allows you to easily collect reviews from people and then beautifully curates widgets for you to display anywhere!

With that said, would you mind leaving a review for Quoka? It would mean the world to me.

I have much more to talk about, but I’ll leave it for the coming days ahead. I hope you’re enjoying your summer as much as I am. Thank you for reading this newsletter.


Miriam, Founder of Quoka

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