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CLOSED - PUBLISHER REQUEST: Kansas City, MO - Experiences

Publisher: MMM Live:

200 words

Budget $20 minimum can set bid price higher

Request: Write a recommendation of an "experience" post for locations in Kansas City, MO.

Choose one of the following experiences per post.

Experience 1: River market (Tribe Sunday Brunch)

Experience 2: Crossroads (Gallup Map, Affare Brunch)

Experience 3: Country Club Plaza (Monarch bar HH) 



  • Short description for top of page

  • “The experience”

  • At-a-glance in bullet point format

  • Price

  • Any notes like transportation 

Including links to high quality photos is not required but recommended.

Provide links in the article to the business information.

About the brand:

The brand is sexy, polished, futuristic, and classy. Think Uber vs Lyft. View their website to get a feel for the brand voice.

Please submit to IA on an ongoing basis. You will be notified if this request closes. Any questions should be posted as comments to this post.


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