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Quoka Weekly Updates - Introduction: Sara

Hi Quokka Fam!

My name is Sara Ella. I am the Marketing Manager for the team here at Quokka!

I started working with the team around December 2020 to begin the process of launching Quokka. A few months earlier, in May 2020, I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. My future plans are to continue growing Quokka while attending grad school in the upcoming Fall (2021). You can follow my Instagram here. Being a part of Quokka excites me because I believe this is a product that is truly needed in our current society and has a huge potential to make a difference in many individuals’ lives! The process of launching Quokka has been a great learning experience. Throughout the journey thus far, we have collaborated with many great entrepreneurs, experienced setbacks, and learned from each other as a team. I believe Quokka is built on a very strong foundation that will allow longevity in the future. Now, — Updating you with current events happening these past few weeks within our Quokka team! First, we are in the last stages of finalizing our Quokka Brand Guide! This brand guide is a document that will allow us to keep Quokka’s design standards consistent. Also, we have set up Quoka's social media accounts! You can check out our socials here: Twitter Instagram We love collaboration at Quokka! If you’d like to collaborate with us, please email us at

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