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QUOKA Weekly Updates - Introduction: Ariana

Updated: Feb 28, 2023


My name is Ariana and I am an intern at Quokka.

I am a high school senior and joined the team only about three months ago. I plan to continue growing with Quoka until I am off to Florida State University to study nursing.

Meanwhile, I am eager to see the positive impact it will have on people’s mental health. Especially during times like these where individuals are limited to seeing certain people and participating in limited activities, Quokka is going to be more beneficial now than ever. It is imperative to keep ourselves strong, both mentally and physically.

Since becoming a part of the team, I, myself have benefitted from Quokka by keeping busy and engaged. Learning more about what it takes to start a project has opened my eyes to the amount of work it takes. In fact, our founder, Miriam, has recently taken a step back with the project and decided to restart the entire thing from scratch. I thought this was very mindful of her, considering lots of other setups fall short of completing this step.

If you’re not already, subscribe to our Substack to stay updated with all of the new projects we are working on!

Weekly Reflection 02/14 - Ariana

As we continue to meet weekly, there have been a few updates to our work:

  • All interns created a StreamYard account as a destination for the Chibur FaceBook, as well as Youtube. The team will be walking through how to use StreamYard for the following weeks.

  • Interns connected with Javi to get access to the Chibur FaceBook user.

  • MISSING STEP IN QUOKKA SET-UP: The team will be taking a step back in navigating how to do the "Quokka Flow", a step-by-step process of analyzing mental health.

  • Finalizing the agreements

The team will review how to do the Flow over the next few days and begin implementing it as tasks to find leads to interview regarding Quoka.

Ariana's Weekly Reflection (3/17)

Hey Quokka Readers 😄

The following updates are as listed:

· The team can improve on gathering leads because we are 1 week behind.

· Everyone has officially linked the Chibur Facebook profile to their Streamyard account.

· The Quokka survey has been reviewed by all team members, and everyone has simultaneously agreed to remove one of the more personal questions: “What is the estimated cost in dollars per year of your mental health not being optimal?”. Since then, the question has been edited with the word “budget” as concern was raised that it seemed like the app was prioritizing profit over the people. 🙅‍♀️

· All team-member headshots are currently being collected.

Until then, see you later, alligator!

Ariana's Weekly Reflection (4/21)

Hello, fellow Quokkers!

Glad we meet again! 🤩

This week, the team caught up on any missing assignments as well as discussed entering the third week of the Quoka Flow.

The third week means interviews will be conducted with potential leads who responded back from last week when they were contacted.

Additionally, during the meeting, we realized a “second contact” script was necessary for the flow as a follow-up to the first message. This has since been established to carry on reaching out to more people in our community :) In the meantime, the team will continue reaching out to more leads.

I look forward to updating you guys again soon, CIAO! 👋

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