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QUOKA Weekly Updates - Introduction: Sebastien


I am Sebastien, and about to graduate from high school. One of my hobbies is just being outdoors - whether it's playing soccer, hiking, or fishing. I also am passionate about computers and tech in general.

Right now, I am working on an amazing project called Quoka that aims to help those who may be having struggles in life and just want something to make their day a little better.

My role in the team is to help draft and create how first-time and regular users will interact with Quoka’s website, especially on their smartphones, where Quoka users will be interacting.

Recently our founder, Miriam, decided to take a look at not just Quoka but at the people we wish to help. So, we have taken to two steps back to take a look at the “big picture” and see how we can make Quoka the best it can be for everyone.

About restarting the project from scratch, I think it was the right decision. When we were first introduced to this project, it felt that maybe we were taking too many leaps forward without “learning how to walk.” It was necessary to step back and envision the “big picture” of how Quoka would pan out now and later in the future as it grows.

Weekly Update for the week of 2/22:

-All Quokka members will be linking the Chibur Facebook account to their Streamyard accounts. -Interns will continue to look at the new updated cooperative agreements and will approach Miriam if any question or concern arises. -Discussed Substack and how it will play an important role in getting Quokka out to the public and helping not only those in need of help but also those who are willing to help those people out as well. -Continuing to create a template for the eventual signup mobile website for Quokka. -Interns had their 1x1 "walking" meetings, in which they talked about their assignments, questions, and concerns they had, among other things.

Weekly Update for the week of 5/17

-Researched and discussed the different personas that would possibly be interested in Quoka.

-Contacted leads for Miriam to interview and understand the user better.

-Compared and discussed drafts of icons that could be implemented in the Quoka website.

-Analyzing data collected from surveys and interviews done so far, as well as listening to criticisms of the survey and format from others.

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