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Radio Test #2

Some insight behind how we went from QUOKKA to QUOKA

Our CEO and Founder Miriam, received some great feedback from her first radio test from users after hearing the word Quokka. The majority of people asked spelled it ‘Quoka.’ Miriam also found out that the correct way to pronounce the word Quokka when referencing the animal in Australia is actually pronounced: “Kwaa - Kuh.”

With this new information, Miriam decided to do another user test on Clubhouse with the room title: How would you pronounce this word - QUOKA?

Clubhouse is an audio-only platform, making it perfect for this type of test. We set up a room and invited guests to come up onto the stage and tell the audience how they pronounced the word QUOKA. We spent an hour talking to about 20 different guests, and here are the results:

The majority of people pronounced it “Kwo-ka” which is what we intended. There were a few variances but only very few.

Another big takeaway was from a guest speaker who stated she thought the word was an acronym for mental health. She thought the acronym was Question, yoU OKAy? This is something no one on our team even thought of, and we were both mind blown.

Our radio and reverse radio test gave us a great insight into how the brand name will be spelled and pronounced by our users. Two changes were made, the spelling of the name from Quokka to Quoka and spelling it out to look like an acronym by using capital letters. QUOKA. Signing off,

Georgette Chedra Lead UX Designer

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