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Self Correcting

If you can’t self-observe, you can’t self-correct. - Chris Heuertz

WOAH. I feel like so much has happened since my last post! I have not been hiding out! I’ve been GSD. These posts are great for holding me accountable and reflecting on what I’ve done. I’m going to try and share valuable info moving forward, not just summaries. Here is a short list of learnings from the last few weeks:

  • Bootcamps are important and vary so much. Take your time when considering which one to join. Choose one that speaks to you and aligns with your long-term goals, or they will have little to teach you that you can’t find online. You’re unique and can’t fit into a molded box. The instructors of the program really matter.

  • Accessibility is something that should be considered from the initial build. Apparently, this is a whole thing, and I’ve got to do better. I launched a new “About Page” for QUOKA. I dislike it highly. It is better than what I had, but due to tech limitations, it contains zero gifs, does not work with ad trackers, completely eliminates a marketing option, and also is not accessible to the visually impaired. Unacceptable.

  • Streamlining is vital. Automate whatever you can. I’ve automated my bookings for user research interviews and also set up a form for all feedback. Once the feedback comes in, a task is created in Asana. I don’t know why this level of organization and efficiency excites me, but it does!

Other Updates:

On the upside, QUOKA got listed on Fundvestr, an audio pitch platform that allows investors to listen to your pitch and contact you. Since I’ve changed a little bit of the QUOKA one-liner, the pitch is a smidge outdated, but it’s still cool to have it up there!

On the downside, two people unsubscribed from the QUOKA mailing list! 😅 I’m trying to not take it personally. Friendly reminder to myself to turn those notifications off. I don’t need that type of negativity in my life!

User Research Interviews:

As mentioned above, the User Research Interviews are coming along!

Want to participate? Use this link to schedule a time:

The latest conversations I had were with Daniel Machado from The Whisper Company and Monika Holod from Wangie.

The Whisper Company is doing interesting things with anonymous communication. They’re redefining private and secure communication completely. Monika is also working on supporting our community with their mental health. Her app Wangie is a safe space where you can come incognito and talk without judgment and no taboo!

It feels good to talk to people that are working on similar products. It’s validating and they have similar obstacles as you resulting in amplified problem-solving power. You can watch the interview videos on YouTube. A huge thank you to both of them.

Looking to do your own User Research? This short video is the TLDR version of how Google does it!

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