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Survey Results #1

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who took this 44-question survey.

I feel truly loved. My own mother didn’t take it. She said it was too long, and per usual she was correct. Now I’m putting on my analyst cap and reading the data while I write this post. If you are looking to get people to take a survey here are the things I did:

  • Posted a request on Facebook

  • Posted on various slack channels

  • Posted to Instagram with a link to it in my bio

  • Loosely eluding to it on Twitter

  • Posted indirectly to LinkedIn

  • Posted on Entre

  • Posted on Reddit (almost got canceled)

  • Asked for feedback on my survey in the Pioneer Challenge

  • Talked about it on Clubhouse

The survey has since changed, and I am about to change it again hehe. Here are SOME of the results. If someone else is reading this and wants to work on solving this problem, this information might help. For full results send an email to I gotcha.

Important note: when this survey was circulating I had NOT yet narrowed my niche to founders. QUOKA was still being called QUOKKA, and the description for it was “an anonymous messaging exchange that increases your mental health.”

Here is the breakdown of how the 28 people that took the survey heard about it:

  1. Weekly CEO group

  2. Facebook (4)

  3. Miriam (9)

  4. Clubhouse (5)

  5. Navigate (2)

  6. Friend (3)

  7. Pioneer (3)

  8. Reddit


Mental Health Rating

Q: “How would you rate your overall mental health on a scale from 0 (low) to 10 (high)?”


Married People: average answer 7

Single People: average answer 6.5

Overall: 6.8

When asked: “When thinking about the mental health of people you know, how do you think most of them would rate their overall mental health on a scale from 0 to 10?” The average answer was 6.2.

Conclusion #1: People think that others would say they have worse mental health then themselves.

It should be noted that this is taking place during a time when we are experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Only one person, a single black male in the 18-24 range that found me on Pioneer, rated their overall mental health a 10. I am so here for that stat.

The age group with the highest self-rating of their mental health was the 35-44 year-olds with 7.2. Women rated at an average of 7.3 and men were at 6.5.

Conclusion #2: That is not good enough.

When asked the question: “What aspects of your life are negatively impacted when you have felt less than great mentally? Choose all that apply.” Here is what people chose:

Conclusion #3: Food is connected to peoples mental health.
Conclusion #3: Food is connected to peoples mental health.

Looking for Information

I was curious to understand what things had positive and negative effects on the mental health of those that took the survey. Here are the results:

Conclusion #4: Romantic Relationships have the most positive effect on mental health. Next is family and friendships.

A Learning or Two

On average people spend 13 hours a week engaging in the activity that has the most positive effect. Although this question was not properly formatted. I allowed respondents to write any answer, and some did not put a number.

In response to the question: “How or what do you do to help support or manage your mental health?” people wrote:

Same question with highlighted similar categories:

Woah, This Ish Is Real AF

Ok, we are getting to some deep questions now.

  1. Tell us about a time you felt mentally unhealthy or imbalanced.

  2. What do you think triggered you to feel mentally unhealthy or imbalanced?

  3. What support do you need that you are not receiving to help manage your mental health?

I can’t put the answers here in this post. It wouldn’t be doing them justice. I’ll have to figure out a plan of action to share those with you.

More Interesting Graphs

Heyyyy, I am right on point with my prices!

I guess once I prove that my platform does increase mental health, I should consider raising my prices. Unless I can afford to keep prices low. Maybe I won’t in that case. But I’ve also heard that if people don’t have to pay a lot for it, they won’t think it’s of value. Hmmm. What do you think, should I raise my prices?

Let’s Talk About Messaging! 📲

No surprise here, people get a lot of messages!

What was interesting to me was what people said about how getting the number of messages that they did, made them feel. Regardless of the number of messages they received, the majority, by a small majority - had negative associated feelings towards that number.


I just realized that I had made an error. Critical one. This entire blog post has to be edited. When you read this, you won’t have any idea what the error was because I will obviously be fixing it prior to publishing. Luckily for you, it was all recorded on Instagram! Click on the QUOKA highlight.

I’ve also reached the blog limit length limit on Substack. More data breakdowns to come!

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