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Weekly Update - Miriam

Hello team Quokka!

Yes, you are now part of the team just for reading this! 😏 It is much appreciated.

Speaking of team updates, everyone is back from Spring Break, Sara moved and is settling into her new city, and Georgette has started a new job, so it’s slow and steady over here. I’m writing this update from the beautiful city of Houston, TX, visiting family here and working remotely.

My first week in the Navigate boot camp gave me an overview of what the next eight weeks will look like for us, and I gave them some feedback - super important. Speaking of feedback, a few weeks ago, we finalized our user research survey. If you haven’t already taken it, you can do that here:

Other things that have happened:

  1. I spoke with an artist who is working on a visual project about mental health and suicide prevention. They were not willing to do our user research in public. 😅

  2. Met the maker of this video on CH.

  3. Learned about the concept of having an outcome based roadmap. Added it as a “to-do” to my project management list.

  4. Learned about this TedTalk which was a nice reminder of what I already knew and hadn’t yet put into practice seriously.

All of these links, videos, etc. resulted in that post about bookmarks, which you might have seen. Would love to hear what you think I should add to my list!

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