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Worry Won't Get You No Where

It’s literally 10:26 pm in Houston, TX and I’m over here formulating tasks to hit key performance indicators (KPIs) and milestones.

I started to think about what my life could look like a month from now.

The sage advice I was told in my Navigate Bootcamp echoes through my brain. I’m surely butchering the translation. This is not an official quote, but basically:

“In order to succeed, don’t think about the future. Plan for it, but stay present and focused on what you’re doing now.”

Now I know this! I swear I do. It’s just a lot easier said than done sometimes. What’s on my mind at this moment is future worries! How does that make any sense?

Following that advice, I should just ignore those future worries.

Oh, wait. Ignoring my “problems” has never really been a good approach. 🙈

But are these really '“problems?”

I mean, I’m blessed ya’ll. Truly.

I already know the answer to my question. These are not “real” life-or-death problems. They are just realities.

Reality Is

June 9th is around the corner. That is the day that my team of amazing interns will graduate. At that time they have the choice to stay on the squad and continue working on Quoka, independently from their school-sanctioned program or split.

Prior to that, around the end of May-ish, my UX/UI designer goes on maternity leave. Of course, being a small startup I’ve totally planned out my entire policy and know all the ins and out’s of that situation…..

Basically, I will be back to solo founder status in no time.

Solo Founder Life

If you follow my medium rants, you know that I write about the experience of being a solo founder from time to time. I don’t think that you can’t find success as a solo founder.

I think solo founders can be successful. Very successful.

It’s just that now that I’ve gotten a taste of having a team I realize that it’s incredibly detrimental to your mental health to build as a solo founder.

Being an entrepreneur is already a lot. Like literally, if you’re reading this, and considering following this path think long and hard about the choice and talk to a bunch of people before deciding. Being an entrepreneur, solo or not is like being on a rollercoaster.

When you’re a solo founder, it’s like going on a roller coaster all by yourself. I mean totally alone. You are operating the machine, and no one is there to check your seatbelt but you, you go up the hill, and down, all by yourself screaming and smiling, up and down, and if you get stuck, no one is coming to rescue you.

Enough Worry

Thanks for reading if you made it this far. I think knowing that someone might read this is helpful, maybe you might even comment! I wonder who will be the first person to comment on my Quoka journey.

Anyway, here are the milestones I will hit in the next 6 months.

How to Make Milestones

The way I got to these “goals” is by looking at my KPIs and creating individual tasks that I think will get me to hit my KPIs. Tasks are things that I can control. Very important.

The milestones are the results (and subject to change) actually IDK if that’s true. Maybe if you don’t hit your milestones, it means you get canceled. Wait, can you get canceled if you have yet to be scheduled? OMG, what if you get kicked out of an entrepreneur club if you don’t hit them!? OMG, I’m worrying again.

Not really sure what’s going to happen, but I will let you know when I get there!



Not in order of any importance or dates, it’s 10:55 now, I’m tired. No nap today but I did shower. Sorry, that was a little much.


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