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Collaboration vs Competition

This is a description of our journey to finding the best Quokka Collaborators

Hello Everyone!

Our names are Eymani Barias and Maria Sears. We work alongside the Quoka team in progressing this project. You can read more about us in our introduction post here.

Collaboration vs Competition

Collaboration vs. competition is the mindset that we’ve been taught at Chibur during our internship. When looking to find companies similar to yours, don’t view them just as competition. If you want to prosper, look at them as collaborators so that you will be open to working together to prosper.

This is a description of our journey to finding the best Quoka Collaborators.

For starters, we gained an understanding of exactly what a Competitive Audit is and what the purpose behind creating Quoka meant.

A competitive audit is a sum of results gathered that displays important information from different companies that relate to yours. It’s an analysis of how “your competition” is doing on the market. Doing a competitive audit is an important step in bringing a product to market. You can get inspiration, narrow in on a target market, and make sure you are not building the same thing as someone else. Lastly, it’s beneficial to know who is producing similar content to the public. That way, you have the opportunity to do something different and set your company apart.

We began our search by browsing the App stores, websites, and messaging subscriptions. We searched for brands that seemed to have a similar mission. This increased our chances of coming across already created tools, apps, and websites we can refer to.

Miriam and Sara had a long list for us as well, and they are constantly adding to it!

So Many To Choose From

We limited our selection to 10 different potential collaborators. We analyzed each one to differentiate what one offers that the other one doesn’t. We were looking to discover:

  • What was working for them, and what wasn’t.

  • How did the public seem to engage with them?

  • What technology were they using?

  • Did they charge for their service?

We also did a deep dive into their social media presence: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, to see the activity rates on those social sites. We tracked everything that we saw and uncovered during our research audit and presented this information to the Quoka team.

Presenting Results

Our first presentation was all text, and the feedback we received was that it might be easier to understand if presented in a visually different way. We made those changes and had a completed draft that was ready to be shared!

From this experience, we learned that it is very important to do your research. Know who your competitors/collaborators are. It will benefit you in the long run.

Below we’ve attached the first draft of our Quoka Collaborators Visual Audit for better reference.

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