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Tips for Being A Leader

It starts with hiring.

Milestone Alert! You’re adding to your team. This next level will demand a new version of you. I have enjoyed building with a team. Even just having them meet with me weekly was great. Talk about challenges and update them. It’s brought a new level of accountability.

I’ve learned a lot about being a leader, the company culture that I want to have, and overcoming my first challenges with team dynamics. Here are some tips that I'll be applying moving forward.

  • Take time hiring. Really make sure that people are committed and want the same things as you. Ask thoughtful questions.

  • Take the time to prep orientation materials prior to interviews. You want to have everything together to onboard them and set them up for success.

  • Don't be afraid to hold people accountable. It's not fun, but it is your job. Communicate with care, and people will show up for you.

  • Invest in getting to know your team outside of work. What drives them, and what do they want? Use your network to support them, and you will get an ROI

  • Deadlines are great but life is super real. No one is going to die if you make a spelling error in an email or miss a meeting/deadline.

That last one is incredibly important, and I hope that anyone who reads this takes this to heart if they are on the receiving end of a canceled meeting or a spelling error email.

I try to give people grace when it comes to these things. One thing does not equal a pattern. What we are building is important, but sometimes real life takes precedence.

Appreciate those that have commented! Until my next update! Besos,


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