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Who am I?

Lead UX Designer - Georgette Chedra

Hello! Georgette here. I titled the post Who am I? because it is hard for me to put in a single box who I am and what I do. I’ve put on many hats as an entrepreneur, employee, and business owner. For this project, I am the Lead UX Designer, Project Manager, Life Coach, Mentor, and Researcher. Depending on the day, the task, or who I am speaking to, my hat changes. This is something I love about working on startup projects and just one reason I became involved in this project with Miriam and her team. A little more about me, I am from Sydney, Australia, and have been living in the USA for nearly 7 years. I have a double degree in Economics and Marketing. I graduated in October 2019 from IRONHACKS UX/UI Design bootcamp and I just completed a Project Management course. I am constantly learning new skills to fit the current situation. Easily adapting to change.

Miriam and I

QUOKA is an important project for me because growing up I had people in my life impacted by mental health issues. It was never a topic that was taboo in our household but found it hard to speak about outside of the home. As it made people feel uncomfortable. I found people were suffering in silence because of this sense of “shame” felt among my peers.

I see many memes on social media that start off with “I don’t know who needs to hear this but….” followed by words that either make you feel less alone or just make you laugh. People do want to have a voice and this platform allows people to share messages of encouragement, kindness, and awareness. Continue to follow our progress! Signing off,

Georgette Chedra Lead UX Designer

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